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Account Registration

  • The Account Registration Process is the mandatory component to navigate and enjoy the functionality in the site and get prepared through various test preparations by students.
  • In the process, we treat all your personal information confidential and the information is being kept at our secure server on a recurring basis. As an educational promoter, we truly comply with all Applicable Data Protection (ADP) and Consumer Legislation (CL) from time to time.
  • During the process of account registration, the website would prompt you to define the information about the child, the website will ask you to input certain personal information such as: His/her first name, date & month of birth and the gender, name, email address, address and telephone number or other information.
  • The information as a part of the account registration, we would be keen to assess your child’s academic difficulty to ascertain the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) for each child.


  • The website is built on the cookie based system and the cookies are made available on most of the pages in the website. 
  • The cookies helps us to understand the customer behaviour when they navigate through our site pages, and also makes certain features made available through the use of cookies in the site.
  • The purpose of having the cookie based system is to understand your interest in the respective web page and above all it helps us to understand the registered users who keep visiting the site on a recurring basis.
  • The cookies in website pages enables us to have a comprehensive idea about the Google Analytics Advertising. The website cookies enables Google to collect the user data through cookies which helps to understand the anonymous identifiers of new users.

Password Control

  • As a new user, when you want to utilize the service of the website, you need to register yourself to become a new member and in the process you would be prompted to define a password.
  • It would hence become a prerogative practice to protect your password and also to maintain your confidentiality of the password at all times.
  • We would recommend you to keep your password safe so that you are protecting yourself from any unauthorised access of your account and your information to the third party. 
  • We would always recommend the user to sign off from the website once you finish your specific accomplishment so that your query and the corresponding information related to the query is kept safe.