About Us

NNIIT is an amalgamation of both NEET & IIT, is the most preferred educational platform being promoted by GSNA Education Private Limited (GSNA). We have been an epitome of E-learning since inception and our dynamic platform creates effective academic learning programs for classes 6th to 12th along with an edge over the competitive exams for Joint Entrance Exams (JEE) and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

What makes NNIIT different?

Conceptual Learningg

Conceptual Learning has been our objective for the aspiring learners, NNIIT has been resolving the academic problems of students while they take up the test series and we render the best solution for their queries through a conceptual way. We go with a notion that ‘practice alone can make an aspirant perfect’. The conceptual learning that we provide helps each and every student to have a great learning experience.

Key Focus Areas

The test series helps us to understand the student’s calibre and this in fact enables us to identify the grey areas of a student with reference to his learning paradigm. NNIIT as a platform helps to resolve the grey areas in the student through personalised training and helps him to understand the concept with great clarity.

Accuracy and Average Speed:

Our key focus area after the personalised training would enable the student to retake the test series with much clarity and efficiency.

24/7 academic assistance

We cater to every student through our 24/7 academic support. The academic support becomes a perfect yardstick for the student to clarify his doubts. NNIIT makes sure that the student gets to have most of his clarifications cleared through the support system

Why to choose us

The digital age is deeply shaping the student’s learning curve and will also determine their future prospects. NNIIT is a dynamic platform for students with reference to their learning endeavours, as we embrace ourselves with the fast, changing world and make them ready for the future. Our concept is comprehensively based on one-to-one learning methodology, which holistically allows students to get involved in their academic pursuits.

Educationalists as editors in the making of preparatory tests

NNIIT has got a strong internal and permanent team on-board who are academic researchers, teachers, and also the toppers who have excelled the competitive entrance tests. The team members get involved in the creation of interactive and engaging learning modules which accommodates visually rich content with comprehensive conceptual clarity. We believe that, ‘The test papers when mastered by students, helps them to achieve their academic goals and also enlighten their scholastic goals of the career graph’.