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Providing you the quality education for our students to get breakthrough results and focus on the real life experiments, workshops, and target on concept based learning.



Total active students taking gifted courses



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Major problems
faced by students

  • Physics is essentially an intuitive science, but missing on understanding the theory?
  • Are the numbers and equations lacking the fun ?
  • Is it hard to Think like a proton , always positive?
  • Wondering why subject feels limitless?
  • Evolution is the concept that makes biology unique isn’t it?

Why are we a solution
for these problems

Using proper methods of design thinking

This methods will help the kids to build and gain creative knowledge management, Such tools are implemented for brainstorming and replenishing the ideology.

Focus on filling learning gaps

We help our students to retain their skills and learn how to manage the use of learning appraisals. Trying to identify the gaps and eliminating them is preferably focalised on. Adding in few techniques to pull in their attention is built.

Unlimited practice modules

We provide numerous practice modules so as to prepare the student for the certified learning and excellence subject knowledge. We believe in quality of questions is important rather the quantity of the questions.

Live video classes on regular basis

Classes are taken virtually on regular basis for the better understanding between the student and teacher, whether the subject is reaching out enormously to the student. Regular checks on the student is done to bring in all the queries and to make sure the preaching has upraised.


Benefits of the


Self Learning

A key feature to engage yourself and bring the best out you is our priority. The conception that sustain the learning techniques to contribute to the students learning on the active and creative appropriation of a new knowledge through a constant self- improvement of the autonomy and self- determination with the ability to understand the theatrical and methodological foundations.

Accurate Results

In today’s e- learning environment, students are viewed as customers and students satisfaction is always one of the university’s most important goals. In order to obtain such goals , we are creating a platform wherein the students first understand the attributes , enhance overall skills required and reach out the level of excellence and acquire the desired results.


Growth Process

One of the main factors for growing and improving yourself to reach the target level is to first Build up yourself with various skills and pursuing all the abilities is what we focus on, developing the features of new techniques of learning to make the program even more easier for you, we believe in a person evolving and spreading out the knowledge and gaining all the possible outcomes in coming future.

Our Mentors

Our mentors provide you the best technological education, using various methods of teaching , communicating with one and all individually and clarifying their doubts , knowing their strengths and weakness is what we seek. Repeatedly working on the subject matters if not understood, bringing in some real life situations to give the students a real life experience in understanding the subject precisely


Setting up a goal for future is your ambition, working you through the goal is our projection

E-learning is a whole lot of experience of forward learning, the students can predict their future by attaining real technology used in their learning life’s

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Available Subjects

For SSC students; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, & Biology..

For CBSE students; English, Mathematics, Basic Science, Business Studies, & Basic Technology.


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Access NNIIT on the device of your choice. NNIIT is now available on Android, IOS or Windows PC. It’s one unified experience across different platforms.


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What parents and students are saying about us.


Hi the classes are good and in this learning app I like one think that individual classes and I like all mentors explanation each mentor has another type explanation and I like this every mentors are my best friends



Hi It's really good joining here , I don't feel hesitant now to ask any doubts , the mentors are really friendly and clarify all my doubts and explain topics well and it's a happy learning.



The teachings are good and the mentors are also understanding they do not lack at explaining the topic. Class timings are comfortable as per me.But I hope that classes should be taken for a little more time because we have the class only thrice a week so I expect class hours should be more.

Nisa Tazeen


Hi, I like the way faculties are teaching and also they are very kind and patient towards me,mentors are solving my problems and I can see improvement in me,looking forward to more of it.



Hi, I really like the way of explanations,because they teach us from the basics and I needed this kind of perfect training. I think I can learn chemistry with your help sriman sir.



Hi,i am sanjay i feel this platform is very nice,the teaching is excellent and i am understanding well in NNIIT classes.mentors solve my problem when i don't understand any topics very well.



Hi,I am Puneet,NNIITt platform is really good as they provide us one on one interactions with the mentors and I am able to learn concepts more effectively and they teach you from a basic level.



Hi,I'm Sonali. I really like NNIIT because it helps me in clarifying my concepts. I feel this platform is unique as it helps me in learning concepts easily.



Initially i was scared to take up the classes but slowly out of force from my parents i have taken the program and later my mentors from NNIIT guided me and made me more comfortable in making me understand,apart from college,i feel NNIIT mentors are more comfortable now,and thanks to everyone



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